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December 27, 2015 by fakekey

What is is global short-term lettings accommodation website catering for the Jewish community.

Our aim is to cut out the general stress and hassle involved in finding suitable accommodation to suit the needs of a Jewish family whether travelling for a wedding, holiday or any other kind of event away from home.

Our website is designed to be a platform for owners of: holiday homes, chalets, villas, or even a single private room within a Jewish community worldwide, to list their property and generate an income thereby.

What are the listing and subscription fees?

There are currently no listing fees at all and we would like to offer hosts/owners the opportunity of a lifetime subscription to submit property/ies on our website completely FREE of charge.

We do however, charge a 10% fee per booking through our website, therefore please bear this in mind and when listing your property.

Are all properties listed on the website completely kosher?

Not necessarily. Even though most of the properties have a kosher kitchen and ideally this would be a priority, we also accept listings which the primary focus is on the convenience of location i.e. near kosher stores, restaurants and shuls etc.

It is the responsibility of the host/owner to make any potential guest aware of the standard of kashruth of the kitchen/s in his accommodation and must be very specific in their description, and we at Kosherlodging will ensure that this is upheld by each individual host.

How do I know if a host or guest on is reliable?

We monitor personal profiles and listings, maintain a smart messaging system so hosts and guests can communicate with certainty.

In rare circumstances were we do come across anyone whom we deem as inappropriate or untrustworthy we will revoke their right to host or book through our website.